About Russ

Russell H. Helwig is the author of the book, “Leadership Below the Surface “. With over 25 years in management, he is acutely aware of how to instill true inspiration and teamwork. The Arizona Republic invited Russ to share his views on Leadership, and he now enjoys writing a weekly column.

His proven track record in his ability to motivate, inspire and lead the teams he has been entrusted with over the years has made his message not only inspirational, it has also struck a nerve with Corporate America.

His speaking engagements include Fortune 500 Companies and business groups, special interest groups, schools, students, and many different Churches.

     Not only is his message on leadership timely, the story of his childhood and the obstacles he’s overcome will certainly inspire each person in attendance. Your group will leave with a fresh energy ready to achieve their Dreams. If you have him as a speaker make certain to request “ The Jacket  Story."

     Russ has the support of his wife, Sue, of 28 years. They have three children: Quentin, 25, Shayfer, 20, and Christian, 19. With a busy life in the home and work place, he never lacks good material.

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" Take away my poeple, and leave the factory, and soon grass will grow on the factory floor. Take away the factory and
                 leave my people, and soon we will have a new and better factory. " 
- Andrew Carnegie